Walk by Tiefenbronn

At the beginning of July we met for a beautiful walk through the hilly landscape along the beautiful Würm-Valley, which is also often described as "Little Tuscany".














Rest at the Trinity Chapel:

 It was founded in 1710 by Vogt "Adam from Landeck" in honor of the Holy Trinity.

Then it went down to the river Würm, which carved deeply into the valley here. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to conclude finally wether the name refers to the former time epoch or to the winding water course, like a worm. The dogs did not care either, they enjoyed the cool water!

The water quality is good and many native species of fish live here, such as trouts, eels, pike, carps and sticklebacks.

Finally we have gone to a restaurant and enjoyed the rest of the day by delicious food and drinks.


Thank you very much to Stefanie, Lea and Hardy Kugies for this wonderful day!!!

(photos: Hardy Krüger, Birgit Wahl)



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