Here, we present different sports that are normally well-suited for collies:


Mantrailing       Agility           Rally Obedience            Lunging         Dogdance           Herding           Riding Companion Dog


Current activities are periodically listed under the scheduled activities.


In October 2014 we conducted a herding dog seminar (organized by Manuela Wichmann), in November 2014 a great Rally-Obedience-Seminar with Manuela Wichmann and in January 2015 an Agility-Seminar with the well-known trainer Annika Matz (as well under the direction of Manuela Wichmann). In September 2015 we had an exciting club holiday in the dog sports hotel Wolf in Oberammergau. Our club member Yvonne Reinli, a known dog sportsperson and trainer from Switzerland who runs her own dog school (, trained us in dog dance, clicker, agility and obedience: feel-good week in Oberammergau Wellness Week Oberammergau 2015. On our European Winner Show in summer 2015 Yvonne Reinli showed an awesome Dog Dance performance in front of a broader public.