1. Foundation

The foundation of the association “American Collies Europe” took place on October 5th, 2014. 27 persons attended the foundation meeting in Kerpen where the executive committee was elected and the articles of association were designed and accepted as well as breeding and membership fee regulations.

Furthermore, it was decided that the association joins the federation “American Herding Dogs Europe”.

In the course of foundation, the breeding commission got elected. It consists of the breeding manager, the breed wardens and representatives for stud dogs and bitches. Moreover, first contact persons for the miscellaneous countries were nominated and the basis was laid for the foundation of various expert committees like e.g. behavior, sports or shows.

The association has taken over the task to preserve the American Collie in Europe and to promote breeding according to the original breeding standards of the AKC (American Kennel Club). Especially regarding the special appearance, character, size and the variety of colors. Special breeding programs ensure the health values and genetic diversity.

Besides working towards above mentioned goals, the association offers an attractive leisure program like hikes, vacations, excursions, etc. among like-minded people. Experiences and proficiencies can be exchanged at appropriate occasions and cozy gatherings whereby the emergence of acquaintances between the members and between their four-legged friends is especially focused as well.

The association seconds and supports this purpose as well as the training of the dogs and offers appropriate internal and external further education activities.

The promotion of a positive coexistence with people who don’t have dogs is another special concern of the association. This is definitely a never-ending task and can best be achieved by personal considerateness and continuous role model function.


2. Development

The membership structure of the association consists mainly of personal members, breeders and stud dog owner.

27 members were determined during the foundation meeting in 2014. Since then the association developed very positively. The number of members has risen to more than 200 persons. The increasing number of breeders and stud dog owners is particularly remarkable and further growth in the future is expected. This is of particular importance to achieve the common goals of the association.


3. Innovations

The breeding regulations were enhanced and – where required – adapted to international peculiarities and legal restrictions during an extraordinary member meeting.

Details regarding this can be found on the web site or in the particular meeting minutes.

A button with a link to the Facebook site of the association was established on the web site. It is always worthwhile checking this for current news, date blockers, tips, pictures and various external greetings and to comment on this and post own content.


4. Activities

Besides the annual general meeting, special meetings take place whenever necessary for planning and the regulation of association matters – usually in the clubhouse in Kerpen-Brueggen near Cologne.

Decisions and results from these meetings are published on the association’s web site in the corresponding category. Same applies to planned events like special celebrations, hikes, vacations and the like.

As a general rule a European winner show takes place once a year to introduce the American Collie to a broader audience and to present the association and its work. The first show took place near Hockenheim in 2015 and was very well received by friends and breeders of the American collie. In the meantime, the event has become a permanent fixture throughout Europe.


5. Outlook

Planning for the winner shows over the next years already started. Currently the location Malsch, in the region of Bad Schönborn / Hockenheim has proven optimal for logistical reasons. Long terms this event can be located at different locations to enable as many interested participants and visitors as possible.

Additional joint meetings, hikes and holiday trips are already announced or planned. Details can be found on the web site. The association appreciates to greet as many interested participants as possible.


December 2018      Hans Roth (secretary)