Walk by Engelskirchen and Christmas Party

 Just in time for today's 1. Advent Sunday, it started to snow and turned everything into a picture-book landscape.



The dogs have had a lot of fun in the snow:

















After a short walk through the village, the Roth family surprised us with a great break. They gave us tasty, partly also warming up drinks and great treats. Many Thanks!!!










A great view:














 The landscape was winterly wonderful.

























 Then we went to the stylishly decorated former pub of the Roth family. Here we were lovingly hosted and limited by the "Santa Claus". Cozy we have the day end:












Thank you very much for the great Christmas cookies:

 in beautiful motifs:


Thank you very much to the whole family Roth, for this wonderful day!!!


 (photos: Gregor Fröhlich, Alina & Judith Roth, Sabine Groß and Angela Rudolph)






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