Winterwalk in Altlußheim

Mid-January we met in Altlußheim to a wonderful walk along the Rhine riverbank and across the wide meadows:













Later we came to a place from where you where you can enjoy an excellent view to the cathedral of Speyer. There was something delicious to drink for everybody to warm up. We thank you all for it!








































Then we went back to the parking place and visited the restaurant "Naturfreundehaus Altlußheim". There was a lot of nice kind of foods,  from apple strudel to steaks. Gathering cosily together. With sitting relaxed comfortably together we end the evening on a cozy not.

Many thanks for all to Yvonne Massafra, Jens Kreft and Christiane Walch with her family for the great organization !!!

(Photos: Beate Rosenbach and Andrea Schneider)






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