Walk through the Marienfeld and Christmas Party


We have had a wonderful walk through the Marienfeld:












In the background you can see a bright cross. There is the Pope's Hill where Pope Benedict XIV celebrated a Mass at the World-Youth-Day 2005:








The whole area has been specially prepared for the World-Youth-Day with broad paths, surrounded by wide meadows. The surface was integrated to the St. James Pilgrims Route. The whole area is a recultivation site of a brown coal region. On the left side is the Pope's Hill. In its place, there was a Saint Mary's monastery, until the brown-coal excavators came.



An idyllic lake at the foot of the hill:


Now we go up to the hill:


The hill is 10 meters high and offers a space for 2000 people on its wide top:


It was something very special, when we arrived at the top of the hill, the sun brokes through at this moment:


Capel of St. Mary:


A nice place to rest:


Around the foot of the cross is a star, surrounded by metal panels, which list the 70 countries from which the earth was brought together, to built this hill.








From here you have a great view: 


 Than we went back down:
















Afterwards we drove to the clubhouse for the Christmas Party:


 Here we got coffee and cookies:



as well as a huge "Weckmann":



Gifts for all. But before getting them, everybody has had to solve a quiz and play a game during the walk, with lots of fun.


Afterwards there was a delicious warm meal with deer meat, chestnuts, apples and dumplings as well as turkey with fruit and noodles. Afterwards for dessert Tiramisu and various mousse varieties. Then we let the day end in a relaxed atmosphere.

It was a wonderful day with you all!

Beate and Bernd


(Photos: Beate Rosenbach and Angela Rudolph)



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