Holiday Mecklenburg Lake District - Part 1

In June we made a nice club trip to the north-west of the Mecklenburg Lake District. From there we had a few nice excursions, so we went on the 1st day to the German Baltic coast, west of Wismar, near Beckerwitz, with their impressive rock formations:


Swallows nest in the rocks, an impressive spectacle. Where the green arrow is, just a swallow is approaching:




Lilly (far left) loves to observe the activity under water:




And off into the water:




The dogs loves running at the beach:









Afterwards we drove to the famous Hanseatic City of Wismar. On the right in the background you can see the reconstructed St. Georgen church and on the left the remaining tower of the once seriously bomb-damaged church St. Mary:

In the middle, the town house "Old Swede". Wismar stood from 1648 to 1803 (formally even until 1903) under Swedish rule, after the 30-year war. Until now the Sweden festival is celebrated every year.

The beautiful historic old town:


Here is also the lovingly furnished café with a cozy garden by Ute Rehpenning (right) and her son René (behind) and his wife Dorina. We were sincerely welcomed:

We were spoiled with delicious cakes, ice cream and hot dishes, along with cocktails and other tasty drinks, as well as our four-legged friends with delicious homemade dog biscuits:


Dorina, the great baker in the background:


And then it went back again. In the evening we enjoyed meals in an Italian restaurant.

Our holiday domicile is wonderfully located, directly on the shores of the Sternberg lakes:




The next day we made a nice walk around Lake Luckow:










The landscape here is simply fantastic!






















Later we went to Sternberg, here the market square:

The town hall:

Once a two-storey half-timbered house from the 18th century, which was endowed with a tudorotic plaster architecture around 1850:

In 1994 it was renovated completely.

In the ice cream parlor there were wonderful ice cream cups:


Besides many coffee and tea specialties:



well-fulled we went back:


In the evening we enjoyed a delicious dinner together.

The next day, on the way to our next trip, we could admire some camels and ostriches:

Our destination was the Archaeological open-air museum near Gross Radern:

Unique is that a Slavic village from the 9th /10th Century, is reconstracted at the original scale, at the original excavation site.

The entrance with fortress:

the water moat:




Here you can see, how the wattle walls of the houses of the first settling phase arose:


Here the houses of the second settlement phase in the tenth century:

Inside one could see, like once has lived and worked:







Handmade dugouts from the 1st settling phase:


ships from the 2nd settling phase:

We walked over a wooden bridge. The whole area is located on a peninsula and was once the sanctuary of the Slavic tribe of the Warnower:

Through the so-called Tunnel-gate in the Wallfront, we went into the fortress. Here the new sanctuary of the second settlement phase was constructed, presumably in the form of a big god's stele.

From the top you have a nice view of the beautiful surrounding:






















the temple, from the outside:

from the inside:

















A beautifully designed herb garden:







 (photos: Beate Rosenbach, Gregor Fröhlich)


Continued at:  Holiday Mecklenburg Lake District - Part 2



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