Collie-week in Oberammergau

End of September we spent a fabulous week in Oberammergau! From here you can hike for many kilometers on the plains surrounded by mountains. Truly a Paradise!



The accommodation at the Dog Sport Hotel Wolf was perfectly tailored for a vacation with dogs, no matter whether you spent the nights in a hotel room or in an apartment. In the mornings a fantastic breakfast buffet was served and at night a four-course dinner alternated with an opulent buffet! From the lodgings the river Ammer - lined with meadows – could directly be accessed:


The Dog Sport Hotel Wolf has awesome wellness facilities and treatments for man and dog. Added to that there are ample well equipped training halls out of which we could use one for us for the complete time:



We were lucky to have the Swiss Yvonne Reinli as a trainer who also runs her own dog school ( She is well known for professional dog sports (Agility, Dog Dance) and from our last dog show where she presented a fantastic Dog Dance performance (Europasiegerschau 2015 - Dog Dance). Either of us could choose what to do – if anything at all -  from basic togetherness between man and dog as far as professional training in the areas Agility, Obedience and Dog Dance. At that Yvonne reacted to everybody in a wonderful way, no matter whether it was man or dog. Her methods are uniquely sophisticated and professional. All of us had much fun together and would like once again to thank Yvonne very dearly for her enormous dedication!


 In between we went on various excursions, like the one here to lake Kochelsee that was formed during the ice age: 




Hike near Oberammergau:


















 Many thanks to Yvonne Reinli for the terrific photos from this hike:















Back into town along the river Ammer:






And afterwards a visit to the ice cream parlor:


An excursion to the river Isar with clear turquoise-colored waters, lined with white pebbles in this season:

Here is also the opportunity to walk for kilometers without getting one’s feet wet:

Or doing sports between several streams:


From here we continued into the Austrian valley Karwendeltal:

On the mountains with an altitude of approximately 2.700 meters, we could detect the first snow:

Once again we were enchanted by the turqouise-colored water, sometimes tranquil sometimes as a rapid stream, depending on the width of the riverbed and the descent:







Training sessions now and then – here: Introduction to Agility:



Excursion to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Here the famous ski jump:

Then we continued to Partnachklamm:

 In the rock crevice the broad creek develops into a rapid stream:



The narrow path was adventurous at times, sometimes in complete darkness through the rocks

or below overhanging rocks, so that you had to bend down.

But the view was breathtaking again and again!


Hardly out of the narrowness with the raging waters, the scenery in front of you is completely peaceful once again:

In the background you can see the river vanish in the rock crevice:





















Then we went back through the gorge:



Past splashy waterfalls:

and then out again into the peaceful valley:


Oberammergau is a little city that is well worth visiting:




Every 10 years the festival on the Passion of Christ takes place for which Oberammergau is widely known:


"Cheese" for the photographer on the terrace in front of the holiday chalet:


Hike in the direction of Ettal along the river Ammer:

The creek that appears to have muddy water from a distance is crystal clear once you get near:





The bear cave:


A last good hike near Oberammergau:







Afterwards we climbed the first hill you can see in the background:

Gorgeous purple flowers grew on the slope:

Pretty autumn crocus were abundant:











So many inviting pastures:

After successful bridge construction we went back into the valley:







A last visit to “our“ ice-cream parlor:

where you can also get delicious cake:

A last view on the fantastic scenery during the return journey, here the Ammer Mountains:

 Lake Plansee:


A view of Neuschwanstein Castle in the morning mist:

In the end we agreed that this vacation needs to be repeated in any case as it was so divinely beautiful!






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