European Winner Show 2015  -  Dog Dance

During the lunch break there was a great performance:


Dog Dance



by Yvonne Reinli with her dogs Rose and Inuk.


Yvonne Reinli, who owns her own dog school (, is also very successful in dog sports, particularly in agility and dog dance. In today’s performance she demonstrates together with her one year old collie Rose River’s Charming Rose how to introduce the dog to the first lessons of this interesting sport which is suitable for everybody. With her seven year old Shetland sheepdog Inuk from the Lazy River of Jurassic Valley, she demonstrates which results can be achieved with an experienced dog. After all, Yvonne Reinli is also organizer of the collie-week: Wellness Week Oberammergau 2015  from September 27th to October 3rd. Few seats are still available.











A great video:

Dog Dance 



For those who would like to know more about this:  Wellness Week Oberammergau 2015




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