European Winner Show 2015   -   Impressions

The weather was in favor of us, all visitors were greeted with blue skies and sunshine.

















Our youngest, beautiful by far:






 True love:











We don't have difficulties finding young talents - the youngest acting already like grown-ups:










Comfortable seats in front of the catering hall:




















 A polite curtsy for the judge:
















Our wonderful Judge Grace Kosub, a Special Breeding Judge for Collies of the American Kennel Club (USA): 


Even within the greatest turmoil one can calmly take a rest:











Not only Rough, but also Smooth Collies could be admired:


The whole show has been translated simultaneously into German! 

 The food was fantastic, with delicious things off the barbecue, jacket patatos, salads, pretzel sticks, sandwiches, freshly baked waffles and cakes. This came with coffee, delicious and refreshing alcohol-free drinks but also beer, wine and mixed drinks.


 Thank you Yvonne Reinli for the great photos!



European Winner Show 2015 - Results 



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