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The miracle of birth:


Puppies with a pedigree from the association "American Collies Europe" all derive from certified kennels of breeders, which have bee awarded the predicate "Certified Kennel of the Association American Collies Europe".

The puppies' parents have had to fulfil comprehensive health- and quality-requirements to gain the breeding license. Besides the appearance, character and many other things, they need to possess appropriate health values​​, that derive from quite a number of genetic tests  as well as X-ray examinations. This ensures that they are free of skeletal disorders of hips (HD) or elbows (ED). The mating partners are carefully chosen to adhere to our up-to-date program of breeding standards.


All puppies are brought up adhering to stringent health and quality standards, such as:



The puppy must be brought up in an optimal state of care, nutrition and health.



Genetic Profile:

Every individual on earth has its unique DNA profile, so has every puppy.

Each puppy buyer receives the original DNA sequencing of his puppy!


Parentage Verification:

The genetic profile of each individual puppy is compared with the genetic profiles of both parents. This ensures correctness of the parenthood.

Each puppy buyer receives the original parentage verification of his puppy!




This multiple drug intolerance is very common amongst herding dogs, including the Collie.

Within our association "American ColliesEurope", the birth of MDR1-affected puppies is entirely excluded!

Each puppy buyer gets the exact MDR1 status of his puppy, listed in the corresponding pedigree.

In case of special examinations, every puppy buyer receives the original examination results of his puppy!



DM (SOD1 risk gene forDegenerative myelopathy):

DM is an incurable disease of the nerve tracts with increasing paralysis symptoms, that start in the hind legs, with the dogs being fully aware of it. As of today, unfortunately nobody knows, which genes are causing this disease. However, the risk gene SOD-1 was detected in all tested DM-affected collies.

Within our association "American ColliesEurope", the birth of DM-affected puppies is entirely excluded!


CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly):

CEA summarizes several stagnant hereditary diseases of the retina. It is widespread within the herding dog races and especially Collies are affected. It is assumed, that approx. 66% of Collies are affected by CEA, but only 3% of these show impairment of vision. Due to our breeding programs the risk for impairment of vision could be reduced to 1%. For an average litter of 7 puppies this means the risk is only at 0.07%!

Such extremely rare cases are detected by the ophthalmologist during the examination of puppies at the age of 6-8 weeks. Furthermore, each breeder is obliged to explain the results of this examination to each puppy buyer in detail.

Hence, everyone interested in buying a puppy can make sure - before the purchase - that the puppy shows no impairment of vision.


PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy):

This widespread incurable degenerative eye disease affects many breeds, deteriorates increasingly and leads to blindness.

Within our association "American Collies Europe", the birth of PRA-affected puppies is entirely excluded!


GCS(Gray CollieSyndrome):

Neutrophil granulocytes, which are very important for the immune defense, are cyclically reduced. Affected dogs usually die prematurely because of infections.

Within our association "American ColliesEurope", the birth of GCS-affected puppies is entirely excluded!


Certificates of Genetic Tests:

All examinations performed by approved laboratories will of course also be registered in the pedigrees of the "American Collies Europe", given that they are provided to the studbook office in time!

Each puppy buyer receives the results of all carried out examinations in the original version!



At delivery all puppies will have been dewormed 2 to 4 times, as they are subject to an increased sensitivity for infections in the first weeks of their lives. The name of the pharmaceuticals and if applicable the active ingredients are registered in the litter control certificate, together with the medication dates.  Every puppy buyer receives a copy of this litter control certificate. He should take it along at his first visit to the veterinarian, so that later deworming medication can be thoroughly attuned.



All puppies receive a microchip that is implanted by a veterinarian. The number of the microchip will be registered in the EU-Pet-Passport and every puppy is clearly identifiable with a special microchip-reader.



Each puppy buyer receives the original EU-Pet-Passport belonging to the puppy! The EU-Pet-Passport is an important document. All vaccinations will be registered there. It must be carried along and eventually shown when traveling abroad. It is also requested at exhibitions, trade fair visits etc.

The passport documents the protection against rabies for regularly vaccinated dogs (starting 21 days after the first vaccination). In some German federal states (for example in North Rhine-Westphalia) such a passport is an obligatory document for larger dogs. And it is a basic requirement for registering a dog in a central dog register.


Eye examination:

With 6 - 7 weeks, all puppies are examined by a certified ophthalmologist for inherited eye diseases.

Each puppy buyer receives the original examination result for his puppy!



At 8 weeks of age and before delivery all puppies are vaccinated against diseases according to the requirements of the particular country.

In Germany these are for example distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis and leptospirosis. The vaccinations will be registered in the EU-Pet-Passport, which every buyer of a puppy receives.

Litter control:

Each litter is controlled after vaccination by a representative of the association "American Collies Europe". All examinations are checked once again for completeness during this visit. If all requirements are met, the studbook office will hand over the pedigrees.



Each puppy receives its own pedigree from the association "American Collies Europe", if the breeder and his dogs meet all requirements. The pedigree documents the complete ancestry over four generations with all verifiable health values ​​of the puppies or otherwise appropriate references to the deposited health values of the parents.

It documents that the puppy was purchased from a legitimate breeder and comes from a certified kennel of the association "American Collies Europe".

Each puppy buyer receives the original pedigree of "American ColliesEurope" for the puppy!



Registrations in the central dog register:

The breeder registers every puppy in the name of the new owner in a central register of dogs that is recognized by "American Collies Europe", latest after delivery. In Germany for example this is the TASSO register, which also works pan-European. Should a dog get lost, it can be easily transferred back to its owner.



Delivery of the puppies is permitted earliest at eight weeks of age after vaccination and litter control have been performed.


Assessment of offspring:

To constantly check and maintain the quality standards of our offspring, the studbook office regularly sends out a questionnaire to all puppy buyers. For this purpose, the studbook office requires the addresses of all puppy buyers up front. This is the reason why all breeders are required to report the addresses of the puppy buyer including email address within four weeks after the sale of a puppy to the studbook office, in accordance with the buyer. The information will be treated confidentially and no addresses will be distributed.

Desirably many of the offspring will be presented at the exhibitions of the "American Collies Europe" or its umbrella association "American Herding Dogs Europe" to be able to pursue the development.

Long-term advice and support after purchase:

Our breeders distinguish themselves by always being open to advise and support the new owners in any further questions that may come up.