Regole di passeggiate e eventi

As our hikes and events attract more and more interest and an increasing number of people participate, please find below some rules for a peaceful togetherness, although respectful behavior should be taken for granted:

With attending a hike, the following rules are accepted automatically!

The participation takes place at one’s own risk.

Each participant is liable for damages that may be caused by himself or his dog. Therefore all two-legged and four-legged participants must be covered by liability insurance.

For all dogs older than 12 weeks a certificate for valid rabies vaccination must be shown on demand.

Dogs suffering from a contagious disease - or being suspicious of suffering from one - are not allowed to attend these events. The same applies to dogs with vermin infestation. Bitches in heat or ones that already or still have an intense scent are not allowed either because of the various male dogs that are present.

It is not allowed to throw things for the dogs during the hike (like sticks, balls, treats, etc.).

Each participant is responsible for carrying enough water and a bowl for his own dogs.

Food, treats, etc. must not be given to other dogs without asking for consent of the owner.

Each participant must carry enough bags for excrements, in case he needs to remove some “left-behinds” of his dog.

Organizers can issue instructions.

In all places where it is mandatory to keep dogs on a leash, it must be obeyed. Apart from that the same applies if the organizers ask for it, in case of encounters with other people or dogs, if dogs consistently molest others or behave aggressively.

During almost all hikes, we stop by at places to eat. In these places the dogs must be kept on leashes and must behave calmly. In any case consideration has to be shown towards other guests and service people.

Urinating of dogs in rooms or enclosed areas has to be prevented (e.g. by keeping the dog temporarily on a leash). Should it nevertheless happen unforeseen, the dog owner has to clean any “left-behinds” immediately and unrequested.

Pictures will be taken during the hikes. With this rules, all participants automatically agree that pictures may be taken of them and these pictures may later be published (e.g. homepage of the club, Facebook)

Please regard the registration period. The deadline usually is one week before the event (look at the homepage or mailings to members of the club). After the deadline, the exact meeting point will be determined and all participants will be informed. In case of a cancellation at short notice, possible expenses have to be paid by the participant (e.g. ordered meals, reserved seats at a restaurant or entrance fees). Cancellations at short notice are only possible by phone (mobile phone number). Please state the exact number of people and dogs during the registration. This provides us with an overview and makes it possible to reserve enough space at the restaurant or care for sufficient supplies. Arising expenses – apart from donations – have to be paid by each participant himself.

We are always pleased to greet visitors, who want to become familiar with our club. They are cordially welcome and may join non-contributory for the first time to see if and how they like everything.

Respect with one another is the basis for many more joint hikes! We already look forward to seeing you!



For Dog Shows the Esposizioni ordine are imperatively required!