Passeggiata Althengstett

This time we were in the nothern Black Forest. Stefanie, Hardy and Lea surprised us with apple punch and coffee at the meeting place. Thank you very much!

 Than we started to the walk!

 On the wonderful course the dogs have had a lot of opportunities to run and have fun.




























Althengstett is the highest village in the district of Calw in the northeastern Black Forest. It is on a hill at an altitude of 450 - 600 meters and near the beautiful landscape of the Schlehen- and Heckengäu. It is characterized on the one hand by fruit plantations, pasture farming and agriculture, but also protected areas with juniper heath, field hedges and orchards. The soils contain shell limestone, interspersed with interesting fossils, once deposited about 240 million years ago, as part of the formation of the Upper Rhine tranch. This is how the cuestas landscape emerged.














































































 Up on the 580 meter high mountain Heimberg:



























 From here you have a great view to the surrounding landscape!

 Afterwards we have gone into a restaurant:

 In the cozy fireplace room we enjoyed the rest of the day:




Thank you very much to Stefanie, Hardy and Lea for the great organization! It was a wonderful day!


(photos: Nathalie Blank, Alina Roth, Andrea Schneider, Gregor Fröhlich, Stefanie Kugies and Christoph Hain)







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