European Winner Show 2016  -  Impressionen

It was a wonderful day! The exhibitors came from all directions. From Switzerland over France up to the Netherlands. In addition there where a lot of visitors, a lot of them with Collies. All came to the biggest European Meeting for American Collies!











Dr. Fröhlich by the admission control:

 Sigrun at the show office:

 Gisela, diligent by filling the Certifications:








Our judge Lori M Montero  and our ring writer Julie Spencer:

Our ring speaker Jens Rosenthal:

Avi Spencer-Blume has perfectly simultaneously translated the whole Show:








The spectators were fascinated by Loris clear and interesting explanations during the whole show. Everything simutalnously great translated by Avi!























Congratulations Jürgen to your 55th birthday!

























































Thank you to the diligant helpers by the catering! And thank you very much for the many cake donations!

One could get everything from homemade cake to juicy meat Here was everything from homemade cake to juicy meat and sausages and yummy dishes.

 Angela and Lothar at the cash desk:


 Judith and her sister Alina and mother Petra, besides Jennifer cared for the physical well-being:

 as well as Paul, Peter and Karin:






























After the Show we have had a cosy get-together and we let the evening fade away comfortably. Of course there was a lot of meals and drinks. There are ample opportunities for talking with our judge Lori M Montero. So she showed us how ears are professional taped in America. By her visit she also doesn't hesitate to give us valuable tips for grooming and handling. With her funny and great manner she transmitted her knowledge to the listeners!

Lori it was a wonderful time with you and we are looking forward to meet you again!!!


And a warmly thank you to all helpers and also to the ones who have helped us by the set-up and demantling!



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