Therapy Dogs

A Therapy Dog works always together with its contact person. They complete the course together and final the examen together.

A therapy dog is usually used in therapeutischen- medical- or educational field.

Animal-assisted therapy has a positive effect on the physical, mental/social, and spiritual/emotional skills. The use of animals has a regulating effect on the cardiovascular system and the stress level. They have a relaxing effect and strengthen the self-esteem and self-confidence. The animals play a supporting role for the medical treatment of patients. Not the animal itself heals, but the free, positive encounter between humans and animals.

The uses for a trained therapy dog team can be very diverse. They make visits to old people's and nursing homes, disabled institututions, kindergartens and schools. They work with occupational therapists and speech therapists and are used as co-therapists for positive motivation. Direct contact with the animal gives us its vitality and his body heat. Through his often playful behavior it makes people laugh,whereby positive feelings are created. This leads to a mental balance.

Animals in therapy often act as an intermediary between the patient and therapeutic companion. They are a "door opener" to the human soul.

By the occupation with the animals the linguistic and motor skills are trained and developed. An animal visit strengthens the group feeling and prevents isolation. People come into over into contact by the animal.

Especially children, seniors, people with chronic diseases and disabilities are open for the meeting with animals.

The American Collie has a high degree of empathy and sensitivity. He likes to work with his human. He is an active dog and shows a high willingness to learn. Normally he has a friendly nature and builds a close relationship with his human. Therefore, it is very often used in the therapeutic range.

Trip to the city during therapy dog training. The dogs should learn to react calmly by confrontation with different environmental stimuli:

Calm waiting on the platform:



Encounter with foreign animals:

Lie down under diversion in the zoo. With a trained buddy on the side everything it makes even more fun:


First Aid for the dog:

Perfect put bandage:


Text and photos by Christiane Walch and her dog Rose River's Bonfire, a trained Therapy Dog.



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