Membership application


If you are interested, please tell us and we will send you such an Membership application.





Hereby I apply for membership in the association

“American Collies Europe”


D-50374 Erftstadt,   Otto-Wels-Str. 2


Tel. 0049-2235 / 98 99 155


Mail: Rosenbach  (at)






    Individual membership                                                                            40,- € / year                   




    Individual membership, reduced price                                                    20,- €   / year

     (pupil, person in training & student)




    Family member, adult     


    Family member, child  


Common contribution for family members:                                                   50,- € / year




By entry into the association after 01. of July, the contribution reduces by 50% for the current year. In the following years the whole contribution is due.


There is the possibility of individual or family membership. In the case of a family membership the individual members are independent members of the association. Only the contributions are offered at a lower price. A family membership is available for a household of 1 to 2 adults in a marriage or a partnership and all of their children up to 18 years of age. This deadline can be renewed on request for one year at a time up to the completion of the 27th year of age, in case the young adult does not have his or her own income yet. With the passing of these deadlines the family membership turns into individual memberships as long as no cancellation in due time has been received.


On request there is the possibility of reduced membership fees for trainees and students until the completion of the 27th year of age. Proof of such status is to be presented. The member is responsible to notify the cashier about changes of his or her status as trainee or student. In that case the reduced membership fee is automatically changed to a full membership fee.



Family Name: _______________________________________________________________


First Name: _________________________________________________________________


Street Address: ______________________________________________________________


Country / Zip Code / City: _____________________________________________________


Date of Birth: _______________________________________________________________


E-Mail: ____________________________________________________________________




Mobil Number: ______________________________________________________________



All natural persons can become members. Membership is to be requested in written form to the board of the club. Persons who have not completed the 18th year of age need to enclose the written consent of their legal representative. The board decides over the issue of membership by majority vote. A rejection requires no explanation.


All new members, founding members excluded, have to go through a year of hospitation before becoming a full member. That time span begins with the date of the request for membership. Potential objections by members can be presented to the board in written form. Whether a new member turns into a full member is finally decided by the board. A rejection requires no explanation. Members in hospitation are not eligible to vote in a convention of members and cannot be elected.


Every member is responsible to support the goals of the association, to act according to the guiding principles and to pay in due time. Changes of address have to be communicated to the board immediately. Accruing cost due to non-compliance are to be covered by the respective member. Cost due to the legal and extra-legal support are to covered by the respective member. Decrees by the assembly of members are binding, except if incongruent with law.



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Place, Date                                           Signature       



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Place, Date                                           Signature of legal representative for minors